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More SEGA classics coming to XBLA

Gunstar Heroes! Altered Beast! Sonic 3!

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SEGA is to re-release a bundle of classic titles on Xbox Live Arcade this summer.

Topping the list is Gunstar Heroes, the much-loved side-scrolling shooter originally released for Ye Olde Mega Dryve. It's the only one of the games which will also be available via PlayStation Network.

Another Mega Drive classic, Altered Beast, will see you hacking through hordes of undead warriors as if the second half of the nineties never happened. Or how about a bit of Shinobi - who doesn't like a bit of hot ninja action? Also, what's a dickfer?

Perhaps less well-remembered is Comix Zone, in which you play as Sketch Turner. There's a unique visual style inspired by cartoon art, and the game sees you transported directly to the panels of a comic. I'll be coming for your love, OK?

RPG fans might enjoy Phantasy Star 2, while for platform buffs there's Sonic the Hedgehog 3 - the game that introduced Knuckles the Stupid Echidna.

And finally, at the tail-end of the summer will come Sonic and Knuckles, where you can play as the Stupid Echidna himself. Plus if you've already got Sonic 2 or 3 in your library you'll be able to unlock bonus contents for each game.

All the games will be presented in glorious high definition, complete with online leaderboards. Prices are yet to be announced, but they're likely to cost less than a Mel and Kim LP and a Global Hypercolour t-shirt.

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