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More Mega Man DS

Capcom unveils ZX Advent.

Capcom has revealed that it is working on a new Mega Man game for DS - adding to its pile of more than 25 games based on the character.

It's called Mega Man ZX Advent and will follow on from Mega Man ZX, which is due to launch in June.

The games follow the separate but intertwining adventures of Grey and Ashe, who will be using fancy new "Biometal" powers to battle the baddies. These abilities let you transform into several different forms with a touch on the DS screen, giving you a powerful arsenal of various abilities to tackle levels and bosses with.

"The team listened to fan feedback to design a game that would appeal to Mega Man fans old and new," said Jack Symon, director, of brand marketing at Capcom. "It was evident that we needed to create a game that is uniquely made for the Nintendo DS while still delivering a great Mega Man action game."

Mega Man ZX Advent is due to launch across America in October, but a date is yet to be confirmed for Europe.

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