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More Civilization in 2008

Says Take-Two financial results.

Take-Two's financial results for fiscal 2006 have spilled the beans on new Civilization content planned for next year, though it isn't clear whether we'll see an expansion pack or an entirely new game.

"In addition to the licensed 2K Sports lineup, starting in 2008, 2K will have new content based on its Civilization franchise and other products," the press release said.

It went on to also confirm that GTA IV will receive episodic content after it's launched simultaneously on Xbox 360 and PS3 in October.

Take Two were unable to comment at the time of writing.

Unfortunately for Take Two the results highlighted a US$ 185 million loss for its last financial year. However, with strong titles such as BioShock, The Darkness and GTA IV all due for release this year, fiscal 2007 could be a different story.

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