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Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate - our walkthrough for the One, Two and Three Star Village Quests

Our Village Quest walkthrough will help you track down every resource and every monster you need in order to bag your early-game rewards.

There are a huge number of quests available in both the single player and multiplayer sections of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. In keeping with our theme of easing you through the first 20 hours or so of the game, here's a quick reference guide to help you polish off the early Village Quests.

One Star Village Quests

Steak your Ground

This quest will introduce you to the basics of grilling meat the right way. Once you've accepted it, head out into the quest zone with your BBQ Spit in hand, then go to the first area. Kill any of the big sedentary beasts here, carve off a Raw Meat, and then cook the steak to perfection.

A Winning Combination

The second quest isn't much tougher than the first, and simply requires you to create a Mega Potion. To do this, you need to first make a Potion by digging up a Herb and a Blue Mushroom from any of the plant and mushroom nodes in the grassy regions of the starting area. Look for beehives hanging off spindly branches and forage some honey out of them, then combine that with the Potion you've already made to get a Mega Potion.

Training: Weapons

The rest of the one star quests consist of killing a Great Jaggi in the arena using each of the game's weapons. To complete these remaining quests, take a look through our guide to killing the Great Jaggi, as well as our Blademaster and Gunner weapons guides.

Two Star Village Quests

Ancestral Steppes Fungus Run

For this next quest you need to track down a total of five Unique Mushrooms. You'll find these by chance as you rummage around in any mushroom node, so just work your way through every section of the region looking for harvesting spots. Once you've got all five, head back to camp and put them in the red storage box.

Den Mothers

You'll find the Jaggia you need for this quest around sections 2, 4 and 9 of the Ancestral Steppe. These mini Great Jaggis have an annoying tail lunge that can knock you off your feet if you're not careful. Stick to the sides and rear of this creature though and you should finish each one off with a well-timed combo.

Kelbi Cure-All

Kelbi's are those fleet-of-foot goat-ish creatures who dart around the green plains of the Ancestral Steppe - section three is a great spot for hunting them. You'll need to hit them with your weapon until they become dazed, then hit them once more until they fall over. They're not guaranteed to give you a Kelbi Horn when you carve them up, so just keep killing them until you've finished your haul.

Chip Off the Old Blockade

These annoying little bugs have a rolling charge that can easily keep you knocked off your feet when they come at you in groups. You'll find them in the murkier parts of the Ancestral Steppe, and they look like heavily armoured crabs. Pick 'em off one by one until you've hit your tally.

Lair Scare

You'll find the Jaggis you need for this quest in the same areas you tracked down the Jaggia in the Den Mothers quest. These agile creatures are a little trickier to take down than their bigger cousins, but just time your swings well and they'll all be dead before you know it.

Egg-straction: Gargwa

In this quest, you'll have to transport two eggs from a Gargwa nest to the red supply box back at camp. We found these strange pheasant-like creatures in section eight of the Ancestral Steppe. Just be aware that you mustn't roll or run out of stamina while carrying the egg, otherwise you'll drop it and you'll have to go back for another. Run carefully to avoid creature attacks while maintaining at least a sliver of stamina.

Sushifish SOS

First of all, make sure you grab the Sushifish bait from the blue supply box at base camp, as this will make it much easier to catch the specific fish you need. Go to section ten of Ancestral Steppe and fish in the little pond using the bait you picked up. We've got a beginner's guide to fishing if you want to learn a little more about the basics of this minigame.

Jaggi Alliance

If you haven't been working through your weapons training one star quests, this'll be your first encounter with the Great Jaggi. Equip your best weapon and armour pieces, then explore areas two, four and nine until you uncover your opponent. Don't forget to check our guide to this first intimidating fight.

The Stinking Seltas

This quest will have you hunting down your second big monster, the Seltas. This creature is like a bigger version of those annoying stinger insects that slowly float down to your level, then jab you in the face. Work your way north through the Ancestral Steppe until you trigger this encounter - check the guide linked above for the specifics on dealing with this flying threat.

Crystal Clearing

For this next quest you'll need to head out and mine four Sulfur Crystals. Grab a few pickaxes from your own collection, as well as those in the blue supply box, then head south towards section three of the map. You should be able to get the majority of the crystals you need from this area and the one that's just adjacent to it. When you've got four in total, head back to camp and put the items in the red box to complete the quest.

Bug Appetit

Once again, it's time to kill another Seltas. See our monster guide for details on taking down this aerial assailant.

Three Star Village Quests

Harvest Tour: Anc. Steppe

The first three star quest is easy-peasy. Simply run around the Ancestral Steppe, gathering whatever crafting materials you want, then head back to base camp when you've had enough. If two minutes have passed, there'll be a ticket waiting for you in the blue supplies box. Take it, then pop it in the red box to finish up. Make sure you take all the gathering tools you need before embarking on this quest, as there'll be plenty of goodies to hoover up.

Harvest Tour: Sunken Hollow

Once again, you simply need to go foraging around the area for a minimum of two minutes before heading back to camp and handing in the ticket that's dropped off into the blue box.

Swing into Action

The Kecha Wacha is one of the first really tough monsters you'll face in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, and you'll want to be equipped with a full set of Jaggi armour or better before heading into battle with this beast.


Another big fight awaits you in Boulder-bash. To complete this quest, you'll need to take down the tetchy Tetsucabra. Have a look through our monster guide for more help tackling this boulder-flinging beast.

Rhenoplos Slayer

You'll find the beasts you need for this quest down in the southern section of the region. These big, slow-moving creatures might be herbivores, but that doesn't mean they don't want to kill you on sight. Try to fight them one at a time, and you'll wrap up the quest when you've finished off a total of five.

Kecha Wacha Wallop

If you first fight against the Kecha Wacha wasn't fun enough, it's time to go back for a second serving of pain. Pack plenty of potions and don't get cocky just because you've dealt with the beast before.

Shipshape Skin

The Gypceros can be a real headache if you let it get the upper hand during this fight. First of all, try and avoid being caught in position directly in front of the beast, as it has a vicious lunging pecking attack that can quickly chomp through your health. It'll also spit poisonous globs of gunge onto the ground - use an Antidote quickly if you touch any of these.

You can't just fight the creature blindly from the rear either, as it has a tendency to use its tail like a whip - this move is pretty clearly telegraphed, so roll out of the way as soon as you see it coming. You'll find it less easy to dodge the flash of light which temporarily stuns you. Just get ready to roll out of any incoming attacks the moment you have control of your hunter once again.

Bring lots of Mega Potions and Antidotes to this fight. It's not an easy encounter by any means, but if you play it cautiously you should live to hunt another monster.

Genprey Payback

The Genprey can be quite tricky to track down, so you'll need to do a fair few circuits of the map to complete your tally. For that reason, it's worth packing plenty of pickaxes as you'll pass lots of mining nodes. The Genprey strongly resemble Jaggis, but are a lot flightier - time your strikes well to avoid a lot of frustrating misses.

Crystal Bone Collector

For this quest, you simply need to patrol the region, chipping away at mining nodes until you've gathered a total of five Crystal Bones. Bring plenty of your own pickaxes before heading out though, as it's unlikely the three you're given at base camp will last long enough to chip off everything you need. When you're done, head back to camp and drop them off in the red box.

Road Work

Note that you must capture - not kill - your prey in order to complete this mission. The Gendrome's actually a bit of a walkover, and fights very much like a Genpry - albeit a much stronger one. Stay away from its vicious claws and teeth and you'll be fine. When it limps off to a new area and falls asleep, drop a trap on the ground, lure the Gendrome through it, then punt a flurry of Tranq Bombs at it to bring the creature home.

Conga Bongo

You might have noticed some gorilla-like creatures as you worked your way through the other quests in this region. Once you've picked up this quest, simple do circuits around the greener areas of the map until you've finished your tally of Conga kills. They're not very challenging to take down, particularly if you use a fast weapon.

Fish Wish

This fishing quest really isn't too tricky, although you are going to need Goldenfish Bait and patience in abundance. Head to the second area on the map and look for the little fishing pool. You'll be able to get your Small Goldenfish here, but it's going to take you quite a while.

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