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Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate - Gunner weapons, using ammo and fighting from range

Our essential guide to all three of the core Gunner weapons in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, from the humble Bow to the hefty Heavy Bowgun.

If you've tried using the Blademaster's Insect Glaive without having access to a Circle Pad Pro, or the fancy new nubbin on the latest 3DS hardware, you'll already know what a pain in the neck aiming can be in the game. The same fiddliness is true for the handful of ranged weapons that make up the Gunner collection of weapons in Monster Hunter 4. If you have access to a decent control set-up though, here's how you can get started at doing damage from a distance.

Getting started with the Bow in Monster Hunter 4

The core Bow in Monster Hunter 4 is a pretty simple weapon to get to grips with. Holding down the R button draws the string, while letting go sends the shot flying. How much power goes into that shot depends on how long you hold the R button down for.

Launch a Power Shot by pressing A just before the second level of charge is indicated, or just tap A immediately after firing your first volley to have a second one follow straight afterwards.

You can also apply special coating preparations to your shots. To select a coating, hold down the L shoulder button and then use X or B to pick a coating of your choice. Now press X or A to actually apply the coating.

RNormal shot
Hold RCharge

How to use the Light Bowgun

Like the Bow, the Light Bowgun works by taking shots from a distance. Rather than applying coatings though, you'll need to stock up on Ammo. Either buy this from a trader in your hub, or make it by combining materials.

The buttons are pretty simple: A fires your gun, X reloads it, and you can flit between Ammo types by holding down the L shoulder button and cycling through. Use R to assume first-person aiming.

RScope View

Getting the most out of the Heavy Bowgun

We recommend getting some experience with the Light Bowgun before moving onto the Heavy variant. It works in much the same way as the former, but you'll find movement rather sluggish while you're wielding this brute.

What you lose in mobility you gain in power, however. Holding down X + A will make your Hunter kneel and deliver more powerful shots, but the animation delay can leave you vulnerable to counter-attacks if you're not careful.

RScope View

- The next part of our guide walks you through the basics of armour in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate.

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