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Monopoly ditches classic characters for T-Rex, penguin, rubber duck

Boot out.

Monopoly will soon welcome three new player tokens - at the cost of three old favourites.

The game's classic wheelbarrow, boot and thimble are being ditched in favour of... a T-Rex, penguin and rubber duck.

Monopoly's new line-up.

Monopoly's new contenders were chosen in a public vote held by Hasbro, the game's manufacturer. More than 3.4m votes were cast, and all existing tokens were up for the chop.

The most popular token was - correctly - the Scottie dog, first added to Monopoly sets in 1942. Newcomer T-Rex came second in the poll, ahead of the top hat and motor car, which have existed in the game since its original 1937 release.

Rubber duck was fifth, ahead of the recently-added cat, which replaced the iron in sets from 2013 onwards. Penguin and battleship were next in the poll - the latter only narrowly seeing off a challenge from potential newcomer tortoise.


Hasbro floated 64 possible options in all, including a number of bizarre items such as a loaf of sliced bread, a hashtag and a range of emoji.

Image credit: Hasbro, via Buzzfeed.

Monopoly's new line-up of tokens will arrive in sets sold from August 2017 onwards. Nothing else will change - the games rules will stay the same, meaning yes you do need to auction property and there's no such thing as a money stash under Free Parking.