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Mod gives Fallout 4 cool New Vegas-style Traits


Fallout 4's perk system is one of the more divisive features in the game. Some enjoy its simplicity and the sheer number of perks available. Others - typically fans of Fallout 1, 2 and New Vegas - lament the lack of traits, cool modifiers that would change your characters statistics in meaningful ways in previous Fallout games.

Now, a new mod for Fallout 4 adds traits into the game. The Traits and More mod, from Cirosan (maker of the cool Full Dialogue interface mod for Fallout 4), adds a number of new traits and a few new perks into the game.

Here's Cirosan's description of a trait:

Because Fallout 4 does not allow the addition of perks or traits into the standard perk menu (the Vault Boy chart), Cirosan decided to make them items you construct at a Chemistry Station. Clever!

Many of the traits are directly inspired by those seen in previous Fallout titles, but there are some original creations.

Here's an example:

The mod also adds new perks, such as this:

The Traits and More mod should go some way to satisfying Fallout fans who prefer the perk system from the non-Bethesda developed Fallout games.

Usefully, the mod adds an item that removes all perks and traits, thus letting you re-spec your character build. Nice!

You can grab The Traits and More mod from NexusMods.

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