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MJ MMO maker nabs Total Recall IP

And Men in Black, and Waterworld.

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Planet Michael (Jackson) maker See Virtual Worlds has signed more Hollywood IP.

See now owns licenses to Men in Black 3, Total Recall (2012), Asterix, War of the Worlds and Waterworld.

Does that mean there will be a Planet Men in Black, Planet Total Recall, Planet Asterix, Planet War of the Worlds and Planet Waterworld as well as a Planet Michael and a Universal Monsters Van Helsing (also a planet)? See Virtual Worlds hints at as much but doesn't commit.

See CEO Martin Ballas would only comment that, "These properties are tied to memorable moments and incredible characters that players are going to interact with in future SEE-created digital and online interactive video games."

The Entropia Universe is a collection of themed, free-to-play MMO planets based around a Real Cash Economy. Gamers create an avatar, explore licence-themed game and social content and then, at some point, choose to rocket off to another planet.

The Entropia Universe is made and run by MindArk. See Virtual Worlds operates within that, using the established platform as a convincing base with which to persuade Hollywood companies to share their licence. See has a background in making theme parks based around Hollywood IP.

See Virtual Worlds bought existing Entropia Universe destination Planet Calypso earlier this year for $6 million. That sum of money put See in the Guinness Book of Records for Most Expensive Virtual Property Purchase.

Planet Michael and Universal Monsters Van Helsing are due this year.

Eurogamer interviewed See Virtual Worlds about Planet Michael earlier this year.

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