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Minecraft maker releases a free new game on Steam

Crown and Council, it's called.

Minecraft maker Mojang has released a free new game on Steam called Crown and Council.

It's a one-man creation, birthed by Henrik Pettersson in a game jam, and it's a Risk-style territorial conquest affair.

I'm still in the early stages and being introduced to new mechanics. These begin with simply ordering your army to conquer the adjacent piece of territory - an attack that costs one coin and either succeeds or doesn't. And each turn you earn a coin for a conquered region.

The next mechanic is towers, which are more resilient to opponents' attacks but cost three coins to build. Then there are boats, which cost four coins and sail and attack coastal regions; then villages, which cost two coins and double income for the region they're built on; then universities, which cost six coins and generate research points I haven't figured out how to use yet. Then the game introduces plague and rebellion events that randomly effect regions during the match.

Seems to me, in my brief time playing, that success in Crown and Council is about quickly grabbing land and attacking others rather than building any kind of base.

Crown and Council has 75 levels but can plop out more, procedurally, to keep you going. In a Mojang blog post the company mentioned procedurally generated insults from rival monarchs during matches, which sounds amazing, but I couldn't see any evidence of this in game. Please let it be true, please let it be true.

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