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Midnight Ghost Hunt is basically multiplayer Ghostbusters with one side as the ghosts

Alpha coming to PC this summer.

Developer Vaulted Sky Games has given its promising ghost-versus-hunters multiplayer escapade Midnight Ghost Hunt a fresh airing, with word of an alpha coming this summer.

Midnight Ghost Hunt pits two teams against each other in the bowls of a grand, and appropriately spooky, old house. One side takes on the role of hunters, armed with a range of high-tech paranormal paraphernalia, including trackers and cannons, that can be used to find spirits and blast them right off this earthly plane.

The other team, meanwhile, plays as the ghosts. However, rather than setting loose on a murderous rampage, spectres must stay out of sight for as long as possible, disguising themselves as unassuming household furniture, while the hunters do their best to find them.

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Ghosts aren't entirely passive though, and can unleash a supernatural smack to the back of the head in order to knock hunters out and ease the pressure just a little - although it's probably best to wait until they're isolated before doing so.

Should the ghost team manage to stay alive until midnight, four minutes into the match, a grandfather clock rings out across the house, colouring the surroundings in an unearthly hue and turning the tables dramatically. Any spectres wiped out will return as powerful vengeful spirits, and, at this point, hunters will need to hide in order to survive until dawn.

Anyone curious to give Midnight Ghost Hunt a whirl can sign-up for a chance to participate in the game's alpha prior to its eventual release on Steam.

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