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Microsoft's Shane Kim gets promotion

Reckons there's still hope for 360 in Japan.

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Microsoft has promoted Shane Kim, formerly vice president of Microsoft Game Studios, to a brand new role created especially for him.

Kim is now corporate vice president of strategy and business development for Microsoft's Interactive Entertainment business, so in other words he's even more of a big deal.

His former role will be filled by Phil Spencer, previously head of MGS Europe. It was also announced that marketing VP Jeff Bell is leaving Microsoft to do other things.

What's top of Kim's new agenda? Well, sounds like he's going to sort out Xbox 360 in Japan for starters. So far Microsoft's console hasn't proved too popular over there, but what with Square Enix and the like showing strong support he's hopeful for the future.

"We've been very realistic about our near-to-mid term opportunities in Japan, specifically with respect to the current console generation. Obviously it's a challenging market with well entrenched competitors," he told recently.

"I'm excited to see developments such as the new RPGs from Japanese developers - I think that's a recognition in the developer-publisher community that the Xbox 360 is a great platform, and we've got a great installed base in the rest of the world.

"From a business perspective I think they all know that they need to take the platform seriously, and my hope is that through that process we'll start to see more Japanese content that will stimulate greater demand in Japan and start to turn our fortunes around.

"I think that's a longer-term effort, to be frank," Kim added.

Course, he has plenty of other things to be getting on with too. Or as Kim put it, "While we still need to fight in Japan and try to continue to improve our results there we also need to look at other opportunities for growing the business."

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