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Microsoft shows experimental touch tech

Play games on the palm of your hand.

Microsoft has shown off an impressive tech prototype that turns any surface into a touch screen.

The device, a collaboration between Microsoft Research and Carnegie Mellon University, is called OmniTouch. It's a shoulder-mounted camera that projects interactive content onto any surface it's pointed at - whether that be a wall, a desk surface or the user's hand.

You can then touch, tap, swipe or pinch the projected image, just as you would on a standard touch screen device.

A clip on Microsoft's research site, spotted by Gamasutra, shows off exactly how it works. Check it out below.

The camera is apparently a modified Kinect-esque lens manufactured by PrimeSense - the Israeli outfit responsible for the Xbox 360 motion-sensing peripheral.

There's no indication offered as to whether Microsoft has long-term plans for the gizmo, or if it's just their boffins showing off. Still, impressive stuff.

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