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Microsoft unveils Star Wars Mandalorian Xbox Series X/S

This is the way.

Microsoft has designed a custom set of Xbox Series X and S consoles, themed around The Mandalorian.

Baby Yoda/Grogu features on the dinkier Xbox Series S design, while the beefier Xbox Series X features Mando himself. (No, there's no option with Pedro Pascal's face instead.)

The bundle will be made available via sweepstake - so yes, you get both consoles - and also includes a Yoda-green controller and a replica of little Grogu's sweater. Entry is as simple as retweeting the official Xbox Twitter account from today until 11th May.

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Xbox clearly has a marketing deal with The Mandalorian for its new third season, which begins airing today on Disney+ worldwide.

For those who live in the US, a further prize is available via Microsoft Rewards: a human-sized version of Grogu's hovering pram. This one does not hover, but it does include "massaging cushions, cupholders, LED lights, and holders for your controllers and headphones". It's just what George Lucas would have wanted.

There's no sign of the Pram XL yet - and in any case, you can't get it on these shores. Regardless, we'll update with a picture when we have one.

Back in the world of video games, Star Wars will return to your consoles with Jedi Fallen Order sequel Jedi Survivor, due on 28th April.

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