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Microsoft takes notice of Xbox One fan's vision for console UI

"Very nice," says Major Nelson. "I've shared this around."

Microsoft has praised an Xbox One fan's vision for the console's currently functional user interface.

A video mock-up by PrimeGhost548 shows how the console's desktop could be modified with themes, plus backgrounds gained from your unlocked Achievements.

There's an option to import image files from your OneDrive account, too, as well as customisation options for setting the image's brightness, transparency and colours.

Shared via the Xbox One sub-Reddit, Microsoft spokesman Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb praised the work and said he had passed it on to other members of the Xbox team.

"Nice work :)," he wrote. "Very nice. I've shared this around. Thx."

The Xbox One has seen a number of interface updates since it launched last November, and many of the most basic user requests asked for at that time have been implemented. A re-designed Friends app, online notifications, improved party chat and better storage management are among the most high profile changes.

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