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Microsoft shows interest in eye-tracking visor FOVE

Potentially for use with Xbox, report suggests.

FOVE, a head-mounted visor that tracks the movement of your eyes, has gained the attention of Microsoft.

Developed by a Japanese start-up company, the device claims to be the world's first head-mounted eye-tracking display.

Microsoft has just accepted the device's creators into its Microsoft Ventures London accelerator programme, a scheme to aid promising technology start-ups. Originally intended just for UK businesses, FOVE Inc. is the first Japanese company to be included.

The visor's creators are currently investigating potential medical uses for the device - allowing disabled users to perform computer tasks simply with their eyes, for example.

But its most obvious application is for gaming, and Microsoft has apparently expressed interest in using the technology with Xbox, TechCrunch reports (thanks, Lifelower).

Imagine a shooter where you could aim and fire at an enemy simply by turning your head and looking at it, for example. See the concept in action in the video below.

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