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Microsoft offers select Xbox 360 users $75 rebates for buying Xbox Ones

UPDATE: Offer valid in the UK, US and Canada.

UPDATE 4.05am: Microsoft has confirmed that this offer extends to the UK and Canada in addition to the US. It appears that the first posted pics of the promo just happened to be tailored to the American market.

"This short-term promotion is offered to select Xbox fans in the US, Canada and the UK," a Microsoft spokesperson told Eurogamer when asked about its availability. "We are always looking for opportunities to bring promotions like this to our customers, but we have nothing further to share at this time."

Guess we'll never know what Microsoft's criteria is for sharing these deals. Did you get one?

ORIGINAL STORY 1.45am: Some Xbox 360 users have received an offer from Microsoft wherein they'll receive a $75 credit if they purchase an Xbox One from any retailer.

For what it's worth, I've had a US Gold account for years and didn't receive the offer. I wonder if this is because I've let my account expire a few times. Probably not, but who knows.

As spotted on NeoGAF and the official forums, this offer is real, though it's seemingly random who gets it. The promo appears on one's Xbox 360 dashboard and says that it's only for Microsoft's "very best customers," but the thread discussion seemed to indicate that how long someone's been a Gold member, their gamerscore and even their location don't seem to be defining factors - at least on their own.

The location bit is especially odd as the offer is valid in the US only, yet the original NeoGAF thread poster who received the promo said that they're Canadian and already have an Xbox One. They're even using the same Gamertag on both consoles, so Microsoft should be able to pick up on the fact that they already have one. UK-based poster Skele7on also said they received the code on a UK account, but noted that it used to be a US account.

The rebate offer is only good through the end of the month, but the credit lasts for a year once activated (which must be by 15th October), so you could save it for something like Sunset Overdrive if you so desire.

We've requested comment from Microsoft to see how it determines its "very best customers" and if it's bringing this promo to the UK/Europe. We're still awaiting reply, but will update as we find out more. In the meantime, our US friends might want to check their dashboards.

Oh wait! You live in Canada. Um, nevermind then.

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