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Microsoft makes its first mouse with a dedicated Windows button

Ostensibly to make Windows 8 more palatable.

Microsoft has announced two new mice that are the first of its kind to include a dedicated Windows button.

As detailed on the Windows Blog, the Sculpt Mouse has a touch-sensitive blue strip on its side that takes you to the start screen when touched. Additionally, you can swipe your thumb down on the strip to reveal a menu of all your open apps, while swiping up scrolls through them.

The Sculpt Mouse connects via Bluetooth and is priced at $39.95. It will be out in June.

Meanwhile the Sculpt Mouse Mobile also has a Windows button, but it just takes you to the start screen and doesn't have the fancy app-switching strip. It does however allow four-way scrolling, so you can scroll horizontally by tilting the scroll wheel left or right.

Unlike the regular Sculpt Mouse, the mobile version uses a USB receiver. It will be out in May for $29.95.

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