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Microsoft is selling mini hoodies for Xbox controllers

D-padded jacket.

"It's the time of year where you may want to cozy up with a nice hoodie." Yup, here in the northern hemisphere we are officially entering the wintery season. "This winter don't let your controllers feel left out with a mini controller hoodie."

... Eh?

Feeling the freeze? Well, Microsoft wants you to think about how your hardware is doing, because it is selling mini hoodies for your Xbox controllers.

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Yes, I don't know why either. You can buy them in black or white and they come in "one size". That is, Xbox Series X/S controller size. Its features include 100 percent polyester composition and ,most importantly of all, a zipper and "tiny arm holes for your controller". On the back of them is the Xbox logo.

I find the head space of the hoodie quite haunting. Like I would need to stick a bobblehead on top of my controller so it peeks out. It shouldn't be empty up there. I guess the arm holes for the grips are a cute touch.

All in all, it makes the controller look extremely impractical to use, and I'm not sure at what other times you'd be wanting to keep a controller warm other than when you're playing.

For whatever reason, people are buying them, because the first batch of the hoodies sold out. Pre-orders are still open, until 15th December, and the next batch will ship in mid-February. If you also want to kit out your Xbox controller, you can put in a pre-order on the Xbox Gear shop. It'll set you back £21.95 (or $24.99), which is probably equivalent to a couple hours of central heating in the UK.

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