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Microsoft distances self from FBI raid on Xbox Durago leaker's house

The SuperDAE hole goes much deeper.

Despite its name being present on the search warrant, Microsoft has distanced itself from the police and FBI raid on the house of an Australian man who claimed to own - and was trying to sell - an Xbox Durango dev kit.

"Microsoft did not initiate this FBI investigation with this individual, as has been asserted in some of the articles in the media," said a Microsoft spokesperson in a statement issued to Kotaku.

"Illusions, Michael..."

"We take security very seriously and have no evidence of any compromise of our corporate network. We have no further comment on this matter."

The SuperDAE rabbit hole goes much deeper; Kotaku had personal correspondence with the man - named Dylan - and wrote a great account of the whole saga.

Top of the revelations list: SuperDAE/Dylan might not have possessed an Xbox Durango dev kit. He may have somehow accessed a secret shopping site meant for developers and bought a €7500 dev kit or two, but they might have never left the US.

Or perhaps he's just saying that now he's in trouble. There's conflicting evidence.

SupderDAE/Dylan did claim to have met with - and dealt with - a member of the Microsoft IP crimes team who was flown to Australia to track him down. Microsoft may have not initiated the raid, then, but it's links to it are strong.

Allegedly, SuperDAE/Dylan could be facing some serious time in jail. He's had most of his possessions seized and sounds like he's stunned by what's going on.

"I was treated like a criminal," he told Kotaku.

"No one was hurt from what I did. So it's shocking that they want to ruin me like this.

"I am a hacker in the eyes of the law," he told me a couple of weeks ago. "However, how I see it is [that] I am someone curious with information and obsessed with owning everything that I otherwise shouldn't."

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