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Microsoft announces official Xbox Onesie

Does it come in S?

First there was Xbox One. Now, there's Xbox Onesie.

Sure, you can play games on your Xbox One. But does it have pockets? Does it have a hood? Can it keep you warm? (Actually, yes my Xbox can get pretty warm but you'd have to hug it and it has kind of sharp corners so this probably isn't a great idea).

Enter the Xbox Onesie.

Microsoft has created this official branded all-in-one outfit just for you - yes you - to lounge on your sofa and eat pizza in. Or, if you're one of the models below, to stand/sit/pretend to play games in an absolutely realistic way.

Here's the rundown of all the special features: large pockets for your Xbox pad and Media Remote, arm pouch for your mobile, rollable arms/legs if things get sweaty, "forearm grips", extra-large hood to hide your shame.

You can even get your Gamertag embroidered on, for the unlikely situation where more than one person in a household has one and you need to tell the difference from something other than the stains.

Microsoft has so far only announced the Xbox Onesie in Australia (thanks, Press-Start) but we're hoping to hear about a UK release soon.

Your move, Sony.