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Microsoft announces 1TB Xbox Series S model

Launches 1st September.

Microsoft has just announced a new model of the Xbox Series S with an 1TB SSD. Oh, and it's coloured black.

This fresh model launches on 1st September, Xbox chief Phil Spencer announced tonight at the Xbox Showcase. It's priced at $349, which is $50 more than the standard Xbox Series S at $299.

We're checking to find UK pricing and release details right now.

The new 1TB black Xbox Series S.Watch on YouTube

Microsoft said it had heard the feedback on the current Xbox Series S' existing SSD memory size - 512GB - which gets filled quickly. Add-on SSD memory cards are available, of course, but do not come cheap.

It remains to be seen if the existing Xbox Series S will remain available, or will be replaced entirely.

Not got an Xbox Series console yet? If so, does this appeal to you?

The new Xbox Series S.

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