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Mexico offers Xbox to criminals

Hand in a gun, get free stuff.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Police trying to get guns off the streets of Mexico City are offering computers and Xbox consoles to anybody who hands one in, Reuters reports.

City police chief Joel Ortega says that anyone who hands over a high-calibre weapon like a machine gun will get a PC with software donated by Microsoft, while smaller guns can be swapped for cash or Xbox consoles.

On the scheme's first day in action, the city received 17 guns, apparently having had 100 computers ready for dispersal.

It's not clear from Reuters' report whether the "Xbox videogame consoles" were new Xbox 360s or old-days Xbox consoles, or what kind of software and accessories they come with, but any interested criminals can check it out in full if they want to try and solve the mystery.

Reports that you couldn't get a Wii for love nor money nor a gun are thought to be true but slightly irrelevant and a bad punchline.

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