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Metroid Prime Pinball dated

DS flapper in June.

Nintendo's finally stamped a big European date on Metroid Prime Pinball, which should arrive here on 22nd June.

It's a DS game that merges the popular series with an age-old arcade concept, as you might have guessed. But, it aims to innovate and entertain by spilling the action across both screens, and by letting you touch the bottom screen to bend the rules and tilt the table. You filthy cheat.

There's also a rumble pack bundled in, as well as a host of modes and wireless malarkey. Single-player lets you bounce Samus around familiar locations on your quest to face-off against Metroid Prime, while various mini-games like Shriekbat Shootout and Beetle Blast aim to add variety to the mix.

It's all about high-scores, as you might imagine, and you can try to beat up to seven of your friends in local wireless multiplayer mode - from one game card.

We got our hands on the game when it launched early last year in the US, and unfortunately it failed to live up to its promise, requiring you to be an avid fan of Metroid Prime to overlook its pinball deficiencies.

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