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Meteos Wars coming to XBLA this week

Galactic puzzler with a twist.

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Q Entertainment will finally release Meteos Wars on Xbox Live Arcade this Wednesday, after the puzzler missed its original October launch window.

Meteos Wars continues what the DS title started so admirably back in 2005.

The idea is to create vertical or horizontal lines of three or more matching alien symbols, which fall from the top of the screen. Once completed, these lines turn into rockets and shoot toward the top of the screen, taking all above symbols with them. Complete more lines while this is going on and the rocket speeds up. But fail, like I did with my original description, and they'll run out of steam and sink back down.

Meteos Wars, as we told you before, costs 800 Microsoft Points (GBP 6.80 / EUR 9.60) and can be played either on your own, or with a friend - online or on the same console.

You can expect our thoughts soon.

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