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Metal Gear Solid 3D out early 2012

Zone of the Enders HD out by mid 2012.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Metal Gear Solid 3D launches early 2012, Hideo Kojima has announced.

The Nintendo 3DS game had been pegged for release "this winter".

Zone of the Enders HD Collection will release between early to mid 2012, the legendary Japanese game maker told an audience at the Tokyo Game Show yesterday (reported by Andriasang).

Meanwhile, Kojima was apparently so impressed by the TGS crowd that gathered to see him on stage that he will discuss a Zone of the Enders sequel with his Kojima Productions staff.

The Zone of Enders HD Collection, announced at E3 in June, includes the contents of the Anubis Special Edition. At TGS Kojima revealed it will include a new three minute intro, produced by animation studio Sunrise.

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