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Mercury Steam releases remaster of first ever game

Hot off the scrap heap.

Mercury Steam has released a remaster of its first ever game, Scrapland.

The Spanish studio became famous for its work on Castlevania: Lords of Shadow and, most recently, Metroid Dread.

Yet back in 2004, it released a third-person action-adventure game called Scrapland.

Cover image for YouTube videoScrapland Remastered - Legacy Trailer

Players take the role of D-Tritus in the open world of Chimera inhabited by robots, who must investigate a serial killer that seems to be human.

There's a single player campaign as well as multiplayer spaceship racing and combat.

The remaster is available now on Steam and GOG for £19.99.

It includes 4K resolution, high-res texture upscaling, enhanced lighting, gamepad support, and new servers for the multiplayer experience.

As for the studio's next project, it's currently working on a new third-person action-RPG "set in a dark fantasy world".