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Men of War dev making post-apocalyptic open-world RPG Nuclear Union

Stalker meets Fallout meet Metro.

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Post-apocalyptic action-RPG Nuclear Union is the next effort from Ukrainian developer Best Way - the team behind acclaimed RTS Men of War)

It will take place in an alternate version of 2012 where the Cuban missile crisis lead to an all out nuclear war. With half the earth's population dead and most of the surface uninhabitable, you'll play as a Soviet officer who begins his quest in the underground capitol of Pobedograd. 50 years after the war you'll emerge to an irradiated wasteland full of "anomalies and mutants."

Most of the game will take place above ground and feature open-world exploration. Combat will play out in third person in real-time, but you'll be able to pause and issue squad commands. You'll only be able to acquire two companions at any given time, though.

Weaponry will be fictional, but based on actual weapons being developed in Russia around 1962.

There will be moral choices, though Best Way states that you'll "definitely never join forces of evil."

Nuclear Union will be released some time in 2013 on PC. Publisher 1C Company intends to bring it to Steam, as well as release a boxed retail version.

In the meantime, check out the debut trailer below. While no gameplay is being show off, the trailer is all in-game footage and it sets the tone for what Best Way is seeking to accomplish. We think it looks quite promising.

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