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Mega Man 4 heading to Virtual Console

Plus WiiWare and DSiWare updates.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Nintendo has announced this week's line-up of Wii and DSi digital downloads, due out on WiiWare, Virtual Console and DSiWare tomorrow.

To begin with, Virtual Console fans can get their saturated mitts on the retro stylings of Mega Man 4, presumably the NES version since it's 500 Wii Points.

WiiWare watchers, however, can choose between arena-based fighting game Rage of the Gladiator (1000 WP), which even supports Wii MotionPlus, and the basic-sounding Bloons (500 WP), in which you pop balloons for 70 levels.

DSi owners have an even broader choice, meanwhile. First there's the fantastically named Combat of Giants: Dinosaurs - Fight For Survival, in which you pick a breed of dinosaur and go on a fighty adventure, all for 800 DSi Points.

Then there's Mr Driller: Drill Till You Drop for 500 DSi Points, derived from the arcade classic and promising 40 stages of drilling.

Elsewhere there's System Flaw: Recruit, which is also 500 DSi Points and which involves investigating your surroundings using the DSi's camera to progress through 100 levels.

Finally there's Pocket Pack Words & Numbers, another 500-pointer, which is a compilation of word and number games including anagrams, sudoku and kakuro.

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