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Meet the unofficial mini NES which plays Nintendo's original cartridges

And it's in stock.

If you missed out on buying a mini NES Classic Edition, an unofficial alternative will soon be launched.

Meet the RetroN HD, a microconsole which looks remarkably similar to Nintendo's own NES mini, and which plays both European and North American NES cartridges.

The device, an updated version of manufacturer Hyperkin's non-HD RetroN, will output NES games in 720p. There's a wired, NES-style controller in the box, too.

Due to launch on 25th May, it'll set you back £49.99 - around a tenner more than the official NES mini RRP, or about £110 less than the NES mini's going rate from scalpers on eBay.

The downside, obviously, is that you'll have to source the NES game cartridges yourself - there's nothing preloaded on the machine.

But for those already with a NES collection, or looking to start one, it's an easy way of sourcing a reliable NES game-playing console with modern options - like an HDMI output and the ability to be charged via micro USB.

Last month, Eurogamer reported on Nintendo's decision to cancel its own NES mini in Europe, as part of the popular microconsole's worldwide discontinuation. The NES Mini's fate was sealed, sources told us, as Nintendo is now busy prepping a SNES mini follow-up instead.