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Pokémon-inspired Las Vegas street names feature Jigglypuff Place, Snorlax Lane

Let's be avenue!

Charmander is arriving in Las Vegas' neighbourhood, baby, but perhaps not in the way you expect. Rather, this is thanks to a new Nevada housing development and its wholesome approach to street names.

Located in Henderson, roughly 16 miles southeast of downtown Las Vegas, housing project Serenity Place includes street names inspired by Pokémon. This includes Charmander Lane, Charizard Lane, Jigglypuff Place, Snorlax Lane and Squirtle Lane. Yes, really.

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet will release several expansions later this year.Watch on YouTube

Naming streets in the Vegas neighbourhood isn't an easy job, project construction manager Andrea Miller told local news station KLAS 8 News Now (via Polygon). However, Miller was inspired to use the above names as her sons are "obsessed" with Pokémon.

"When I hear Jigglypuff, I giggle... I guess when you are coming home from work and you've had a bad day, and you have to turn on Jigglypuff, that can make you smile," she said.

I had a quick look at Google Maps to try and get a better look at the development for myself, and I managed to track down Jigglypuff Place (it's just down from Watford Place). But alas, there is no Street View as of yet.

You can, however, see how the development looks so far thanks to the video below.

This Las Vegas neighborhood has streets named for Pokémon! Video via KLAS 8 News NOW.Watch on YouTube

So, would you take up residence on Snorlax Lane? What other street names do you think Harmony Homes should include? We can discuss it over coffee, meet me at Pikachu Plaza at 2pm.

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