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Medal of Honor single-player detailed

"Authentic" three-part hunt for Al-Qaeda.

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The latest episode of Gametrailers TV has an extensive video preview of the single-player campaign of EA's military shooter Medal of Honor, showing some early levels and cut-scenes.

In the show, executive producger Greg Goodrich revealed that the story had three parts and would be told from two perspectives, beginning with an Army AFO unit hunting an Al-Qaeda terrorist force in Afghanistan.

"We're still telling the soliders' story, doing it right and honouring a community of individuals as we've always done," Goodrich said. "It's inspired by real events, but it's a fictional story in an actual conflict."

The footage shown - boasting moody lighting and very smooth and convincing motion-captured animation - covered the AFO unit arriving under fire in a fleet of transport helicopters, and crossing mountainous terrain on ATV quad bikes which the player will control.

Two levels were shown in detail: one, Friends from Afar, casts you as an Army sniper picking off targets on a hillside, while another, Dorothy's a Bitch, features frenetic close-quarters squad combat on a mountainside at night-time.

Asked to compare the Medal of Honor campaign with that of the Call of Duty and Modern Warfare games, Goodrich said that EA's contender was going for a more "authentic", but not necessarily "realistic" tone.

"For us on Medal of Honor it's a little bit of a different tone. Our intent is different. It's authentic, it's plausible," he said.

"There's a difference between authenticity and realism. You can have authentic weapons and authentic sounds and locations and tactics... but sometimes realism goes out the door when you have three or four weapons droppped on your back and hundreds of rounds of ammuinition. We try to remain authentic."

Medal of Honor will be released on PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 on 12th October in North America and 15th October in Europe. Our review will be published on 12th October.

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