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McPixel is the first Steam Greenlight game available for purchase

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Crotch-kicking comedic point-and-click adventure McPixel is the first game from Steam Greenlight to appear on Valve's distribution service where it's available for £3.99 / $4.99 on PC and Mac.

This is the sort of thing that happens in McPixel.

Previously McPixel was also the first game endorsed by the Pirate Bay after the game's creator Sos Mikolaj Kaminski threw a few download codes onto the infamous website.

McPixel tasks players with preventing a bomb from exploding across 100 preposterous scenarios in which you only have 20 seconds to save the day. Hilarity, violence and bodily functions ensue.

Our Christian had a delightful time "hanging out with Batman on top of a lighthouse" and "hanging out with Homer Simpson and his flaming door mat." He awarded McPixel a 7/10 and called it "zippy, zany, and often quite funny" in his review.

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