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Maths Training DS details

Interesting additions.

Nintendo has explained how Professor Kageyama's Maths Training will work when it's released on DS next month. Result! Or "solution", probably.

Kageyama Hidea is a Japanese primary school head-teacher, apparently, and he came up with this idea of writing numbers along the top and left of a 10x10 grid and then getting you to do various sums involving them, filling in the little boxes on the grid.

Sounds quite clever, and of course it's a "Training" game so the idea is that it stimulates you mentally if you play it every day, mixing in other among its maths "exercises" to build up a steady diet of number-crunching. You get to hold the DS like a book and jot down all your answers, too.

Depending on speed and accuracy, you'll be rewarded with bronze, silver or gold medals, and then given a tick, just like you got in school (well, probably not you, but you understand the principle), and then eventually you will be able to work out whether you have enough change in your pocket for a Snickers or whether you need to break into the emergency fiver.

Anyway, Maths Training is due out on 8th February, and given how much we enjoyed doing quick-fire sums in Brain Training we can only imagine it will be good, and wipe away the pain of Sight Training.

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