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Master of Disguise in summer

Wario plays dress up.

Nintendo has confirmed that Wario: Master Of Disguise will be available in Europe on 1st June.

The game's based around old bushy-moustache and his fool proof plan of stealing a magic costume-changing wand to become the star of a TV show. However, the rightful owner of the "Goodstyle" wand, Count Camoli, is none too pleased, and will attempt to get it back by any means.

You join Wario as he embarks on a new quest to find an ancient wish granting artifact. As you cross several different environments from Ocean Liners to Pyramids you'll need to make use of various acquired costumes. Each one will have a unique power, and you'll need to find all seven to stand a chance against Count Camoli in the final boss showdown.

Each outfit is changeable by drawing a symbol on the DS screen. Touch the screen and you'll activate a special ability. Thief Wario can jump to great heights, move obstacles and tackle enemies. Cosmic Wario's got a laser gun, Artist Wario can create blocks or doorways to escape through, and Captain Wario can summon boats to cross watery expanses.

Unfortunately we didn't think too highly of the game when we reviewed an import copy. It clearly had good ideas, but they were badly implemented and more tiresome than innovative.

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