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Free-to-play massively-multiplayer XBLA battler Happy Wars due this autumn

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Microsoft will publish a free massively-multiplayer battler for Xbox Live Arcade this autumn. It's named Happy Wars.

The real-time brawler offers cel-shaded action for up to 30 players at a time, in 15-vs-15 player fantasy combat.

A free game for Xbox Live Arcade? It's not unprecedented. Microsoft does allow the occasional title from time to time, but these are usually ad-funded affairs (last year we got a couple of games sponsored by Doritos).

Intriguingly there's no mention of how the game will be monetised, or how much Xbox Live Free (née Silver) players will have to stump up.

Happy Wars was first announced last September, although we've heard little of it since. And this is the first time it's free-to-play status has been announced.

It offers three player classes (warrior, mage and cleric), beefy-looking swords, fire-breathing spells and castles to destroy. There's also an offline mode with a campaign full of solo missions.

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Happy Wars

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