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Marvel Universe won't arrive until 2012

MMO release tied into Avengers movie.

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It may be back from the dead, but the prospect of a full-scale Marvel superheroes MMO is a long way off, according to

Marvel Universe will be released in 2012, shortly after a number of movie properties make their debuts in cinemas. Simon Philips, Marvel's president of worldwide consumer products, said the MMO wouldn't be out until after the Captain America movie in 2011 and the Avengers film in 2012. He explained that time would be used to work with new publisher Gazillion to create "the next generation of storytelling".

"It sounds like a long way away, but it's not," Philips told MTV. "We've got to create, together with Gazillion, that environment that is going to be a totally immersive experience and a perpetual storytelling experience as well."

"Every day, every week, and every month, there is a new element of technology that comes about," Phillips added. "So whatever plans we had for an MMO two years ago have now evolved to embrace that new technology."

Earlier this month, Gazillion announced that its studio, Gargantuan, would be developing Marvel Universe as part of the publisher's 10-year deal to create a series of virtual worlds based on the comic book giant's IP.

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