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Mario vs. Donkey Kong is bringing its platform-puzzling to Switch

Out in February 2024.

Image credit: Nintendo

Mario vs. Donkey Kong, Nintendo's infrequent platform-puzzle series, is making its way to Switch next February.

Based on its Nintendo Direct reveal, Mario vs. Donkey appears to be a remake of the 2004 Game Boy Advance original (Nintendo referred to this Switch release as an 'updated' version), and will once again see Mario puzzling his way across various puzzle-based platform stages to rescue the mini-Marios.

The goal each level is to retrieve a key and get it to the exit, requiring both observation and brain work to navigate the obstacles using levers, platforms, and other wrinkles to grab the mini-Marios and progress to the next area.

Mario vs. Donkey Kong reveal trailer.Watch on YouTube

Nintendo hasn't said much more than that for the time being, but we do know this new version of Mario vs. Donkey Kong will introduce the ability to play with a friend.

Expect more information as its 16th February release next year approaches.

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