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Mario Rabbids Challenges guide - How to unlock Challenges and access them in each world

How the Challenge system works in the Nintendo Ubisoft mashup.

Mario Rabbids Challenges are puzzle-like missions that unlock every time you clear a world and defeat its boss.

Completing them gives you bonus rewards - including valuable Power Orbs - as well as dose of Coins, both of which can be used to upgrade your party.

Though entirely optional, Challenges are worth investigating to help give you the edge for the main set of story missions. So if you're stuck, play a few Challenges as both a break and a means of getting stronger.

How to unlock Mario Rabbids Challenges

Once you have completed a world and defeated its boss, you then have the opportunity to play Challenges in that world.

To find them, go to Peach's Castle hub and head to the cannon that takes you back to the start of that world (there is one in each corner). Once in that world, you must then walk back through it, retracing the same steps as before.

The battles you faced first time round are gone, however, and instead are replaced by a Toad Rabbid swinging a flag, offering you these Challenges.

Though this appears long-winded, there's the added benefit of using your new-found exploration abilities you've since obtained as part of the story - such as pushing crates - to unlock chests you couldn't reach first time round.

Though there is some general advice on how to prepare for and take on Challenges in general - which we'll explain next - here are solutions for a couple of specific early-game Challenges.

For the above two, remember you need to unlock Challenges for that world by beating Rabbid Kong first.

What else you need to know about Mario Rabbid Challenges

While Challenges all differ, there are a few best practices and preparations you can make to help you take them on.

  • With each Challenge pitting you up against different goals and enemies, don't be afraid to respec your party to suit. You can freely reset all your ability points and spend them elsewhere at any time, allowing you to priortise offence, defence or movement.
  • If the Challenge involves one turn, remember that includes a turn for the enemy too, allowing you to make use of more 'passive' abilities like Steely Stare which work outside your turn, allowing you to do a little more damage to finish off foes.
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  • Keep in mind your full repertoire of moves and attacks - shooting, up close melee strikes, dashing, bouncing off team members, status effects - to help best achieve your objective.
  • If you are stuck, then try another Challenge as a break, or considering returning later in the story when you have more abilities and better weapons unlocked. There is no rush in completing them, and choosing to play a few worlds ahead means you can clear early game challenges much faster. That said, some Challenges - such as 1-3 Quantum Leap - require specific strategies that even an overpowered party cannot brute force through.
  • Once you are done with the game, as well as the final world's Challenges, there are Ultimate Challenges to play through from each world. They are accessed near the canon for each world in the Peach's Castle hub, and offer some of the toughest trials in the game. Good luck!
  • As well as in-game challenges mentioned above, you can play more as part of the Ultra Challenge Pack, which is available as part of the season pass and as a separate purchase. These very tough challenges can be found in each of the world's secret areas.