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Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit dev making Hot Wheels mixed reality racer

For PlayStation and iOS.

Velan Studios, the developer behind Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit and the sadly soon-to-go-offline Knockout City, has unveiled Hot Wheels: Rift Rally, a new mixed reality racer that's coming to PlayStation 5, PS4, and iOS on 14th March.

Like Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit before it, Hot Wheels: Rift Rally includes a bunch of physical components - in this case, a remote control car known as the Chameleon RC and four "mixed reality gates" used to lay out courses in the real-world - all of which are transformed into something a little more exotic when viewed on a screen.

The Chameleon RC, for instance, can take on the appearance of over 140 different vehicles, ranging from classic Hot Wheels cars (think Twin Mill, Bone Shaker, Gotta Go, and Mach Speeder) to a number of Rift Rally originals.

Hot Wheels: Rift Rally — Announcement Trailer.Watch on YouTube

In gameplay terms, Hot Wheels: Rift Rally features a gate-free Stunt mode - where the goal is to chain drifts, wheelies, and burnouts together to hit high scores and earn rewards - plus a Campaign mode. The latter is where the gates come into play, with players able to create their own mixed reality track and explore maps to compete in races and complete objectives.

Hot Wheels: Rift Rally will cost $129.99 USD when it launches on 14th March.

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