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Mario Kart arrives on Virtual Console

Plus: Chronos Twins! Puzzles! Golf!

Classic racer Super Mario Kart is now available to download from the Virtual Console.

For 800 Wii Points (£5.60), you can relive the glory days – split-screen races! Battle Mode! Rainbow Road! etc. And all without having to blow in the bottom of the cartridge to make it work.

Alternatively there’s Chronos Twins, a platform adventure which is all about manipulating time. Control your character in two scenarios at once, beating bosses and solving puzzles as you go. Chronos Twins is priced at 700 Points (£4.90).

Or how about WiiWare title Family Mini Golf? "Daddy, Mummy, Sarah, and Billy are back for some mini golf action," reads the press release. "Play through multiple golf courses that contain obstacles that range from bumpers, to speed ramps, to fans, and more."

Up to eight players can battle it out with a single remote, and new courses will be available to download in the future. All this can be yours for 500 Points (£3.50).

DSi owners might prefer AiRace: Tunnel, a flying sim where you must pilot your plane through twisting tunnels and avoid traps. It costs 200 DSi Points (£1.80).

Then there’s Oscar in Movieland (800 Points / £7.20), a platformer promising "eye-popping graphics, parallax scrolling backgrounds and fabulous gameplay". Gosh.

Also coming to DSiWare is Puzzle to Go Diddl, "the jigsaw puzzle for on the move". Collect stars for completing jigsaw puzzles and use photos from your DSi’s album. Pay 500 Points (£4.50) for the privilege.

Or there's Spaceball: Revolution, which involves shooting energy balls to reconstruct shapes. The game features a split-screen multiplayer mode. It costs 500 Points (£4.50).

Last but not least, look out for Venga Boys Go Wii. Join Kim, Denise, Roy and Yorick as they journey from New York to San Francisco, bringing the peoples of the world together with their inter-city disco. Choose from sailor, cowboy or sexy army lady outfits and use the Wii remote to go up, and down. Can you defeat the evil Captain Scooch and make it all the way to Ibiza? Venga Boys Go Wii is priced at 1000000 Points (£0.0012).