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Mario & Sonic Olympics 2 on the way

Will have wintry theme, says secret source.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

A secret source has confirmed to Eurogamer that a second Mario & Sonic at the Olympics game is currently in development.

As reported by Go Nintendo, news of the sequel has appeared in Spanish magazine Nintendo Accion. They've got the name of the game down as Mario & Sonic at the Winter Olympics.

A SEGA spokesperson declined to confirm or deny the report, simply telling Eurogamer, "No comment, I'm afraid."

However, a person who knows about this sort of thing has since confirmed the sequel is in the works, and will have a wintry theme.

It's not the most surprisingest of news when you consider how successful the first Mario & Sonic game was. It was released for Wii in November 2007 and DS in February 2008, and five million copies were sold in the first three months alone.

Mario & Sonic was also GAME's third best-selling title of 2008, beaten only by Mario Kart and FIFA 09. A little surprising considering it was a bit 7/10.

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