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MapleStory for Europe

Free MMORPG starting now.

Nexon has launched MapleStory across Europe, attempting to add to its 67 million registered users in the US and Asia.

It's an MMORPG with a cartoon-style and side-scrolling 2D action, as well as all the usual persistent world mechanics like levels, items, guilds, etc. And while MapleStory is completely free to download and play, it features the "Nexon Cash" currency that you buy with real money to spend on in-game goods and services in a special shop.

MapleStory has been around since 2003 in Asia, and Nexon plans to keep the experience fresh for us by adding weekly updates, in-game events, quests and modes to the fantasy mix.

"We are very excited to finally bring the amazing world of MapleStory to Europe," said David Yoo, business development man at Nexon. "Now gamers all over Europe can enjoy MapleStory's delightful visuals, vibrant community and simple, yet truly compelling gameplay.

"We look forward to making many more exciting MapleStory Europe announcements over the coming months."

It's available in English, French, German, Spanish and Dutch. Head over to the official MapleStory website to get started