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Major Nelson cosplays as internet memes for new Xbox One Reddit app

Achievement unlocked.

Xbox One's new Reddit app, ReddX, includes a set of Achievements starring Microsoft community manager Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb.

Socially Awkward Penguin.

All Xbox apps include Achievements, although they are usually accompanied by slightly dull images or concept art.

In ReddX's case, each of its award features a photo of Major Nelson cosplaying as a popular internet meme, such as Socially Awkward Penguin or Good Guy Greg.

Upvoting over 500 comments nets you the Upvote Obama award, while commenting on over 100 posts nets you the Good Advice Mallard badge.

Fittingly, the full set of Achievement photos has now been posted to Reddit in its entirety.

Downvoting Roman.

Major Nelson is a familiar face on the Xbox One subreddit, where he responds to queries and interacts with fans.

The Reddit app is currently only available in North America - we've asked Microsoft for details on a launch in the UK.

See Major Nelson demo the new app in the video below.

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