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MacGyver launches Halo 3

Over in Ireland.

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Never mind Chantelle sashaying down the red carpet and Pharrell Williams having problems with his axis inversion at the London launch of Halo 3 last night. Over in Ireland, the game was launched by a real superstar - MacGyver.

Or rather Richard Dean Anderson, the man who played the ever-resourceful TV hero in the late '80s and early '90s and also appeared in Stargate: SG1.

That's according to Microsoft Ireland, who announced the star's planned appearance yesterday.

"As anticipation for the game reaches fever pitch around the globe it became clear that this was not going to be like any other game launch," said MS exec Orla Sheridan.

"We are bringing Richard Dean Anderson to Ireland, which will be his first time in the country, for the launch as the characters he has played such as MacGyver are heroes and pop culture phenomenons like Master Chief.

"Both are ordinary individuals who, despite in surmountable odds, have stepped up to the challenge to come out of extraordinary situations."

Unfortunately Eurogamer wasn't there to witness MacGyver's appearance, though we like to think he turned up and fixed everybody's broken Xbox 360 using only a Swiss Army knife and some duct tape. And a towel. If you were there, and especially if you have photos, do write in.

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