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LUXOR 2 on XBLA tomorrow

Fire balls at chains. Again.

LUXOR 2 will be this week's addition to Xbox Live Arcade, so ready up your 800 Microsoft points if you fancy puzzling your way through the game's 88 levels and 13 bonus rounds when it goes live at 9am GMT tomorrow.

Developed by MumboJumbo, LUXOR 2 offers all the usual perks: four difficulty levels, 15 power-ups, 12 unlockable achievements for 200 gamerpoints, and a downloadable demo.

You might want to avail yourself of that demo too, particularly if you've already bought and played PopCap's Zuma Deluxe. The two games are based on the same concept, which sees you firing balls at a snaking chain of their compatriots, trying to thrust them into groups of three or more of the same colour to slow down the snaking.

And if you fancy that and can't be bothered to wait, you could always swing over to Microsoft's Zone website, where you can buy a PC version of LUXOR 2 for US$ 19.95 and download a playable demo.

Or you could play Actionloop on the DS, which does the same thing and also comes highly rated. Look out for a LUXOR 2 review from Xbox Live Arcade in the coming days.