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Lucy Liu to star in narrative adventure The Pirate Queen

Coming to V-Arrr.

Lucy Liu will star in a new puzzle adventure VR game, The Pirate Queen: A Forgotten Legend.

The game will explore the real life of Cheng Shih, the most successful pirate in history who commanded a fleet of 70,000 across the South China Sea in the 19th century.

Liu, best known for her roles in Charlie's Angels and Kill Bill, will voice Shih.

The Pirate Queen - A Forgotten LegendWatch on YouTube

The Pirate Queen has been developed by female-led studio Singer Studios and will explore themes of female empowerment and diversity.

It's set for release on Steam VR and Quest 2 and will utilise gameplay mechanics specific to VR, all in first person.

"Lucy is a formidable talent, her performance as the voice of the Pirate Queen is truly exceptional," said game director, Eloise Singer.

"It was a pleasure working with her to bring the character to life, her ability to convey depth and nuance into the character have added layers of complexity to Cheng Shih's personality, making the Pirate Queen a truly compelling and memorable character."

This isn't Liu's game debut, however, after she voiced the character of Vivienne in Sleeping Dogs, as well as voicing Alex in the Charlie's Angels game and Elise in SSX Tricky.

"I'm really excited to be working alongside Eloise to bring new life to a forgotten story about Cheng Shih - a fascinating woman, who with incredible resilience and tenacity, became a powerful pirate leader during the Qing Dynasty," said Liu.

"This project marks the first time I embody a character through immersive storytelling and I'm honoured to join forces with Singer Studios to share this historical narrative with a potentially new and expanded audience."

The Pirate Queen is due for release in early 2024, but a demo will debut at the Tribeca Festival next month.

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