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Lucky Space on Facebook targets core

Sci-fi strategy has "hardcore PC mechanics".

This week sees the launch of a new science fiction building strategy game its makers reckon has all the complexity hardcore PC gamers demand of the genre.

Lucky Space fuses social features expected of Facebook games with detailed visuals and, its developers claim, hardcore PC gameplay mechanics.

You build and manage space colonies with friends. The idea is you develop your colonies into thriving habitats by mining resources and upgrading your buildings. There are alien ruins to dig, and cosmic disasters to fend off.

"We designed Lucky Space to elevate the quality and depth of entertainment expected from social network games," Frederic Descamps, boss of developer A Bit Lucky, said.

"We are a company built by game designers that love to play great games, and we hope that both core players and those new to games will enjoy embarking on our latest journey with Lucky Space."

"Lucky Space was inspired by our love of the sci-fi genre and the desire to innovate within the social gaming space," added chief creative officer Jordan Maynard.

"We've been able to blend social gaming with hardcore PC gameplay mechanics to create a new and engaging experience."