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Ltd. edition Mario 3DS announced

Peach and Toad versions too.

Nintendo has announced three utterly delightful 3DS limited editions sporting Mario, Toad and Princess Peach motifs.

Check them out below. Irresistible, no?

Well, don't bother calling Santa. The chances of you getting your hands on one of these beauties is virtually nil. Only 1000 of each are being made, and they'll only be available through a Japan-only Club Nintendo giveaway.

According to Andriasang, all Japanese customers who register two 3DS games between 1st October and 15th January at Club Nintendo will be entered into the draw to claim one.

All those who miss out will get a free download of the forthcoming 3DS Classics version of NES brute Kid Icarus.

Expect eBay prices to be astronomical.