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LOVEFiLM details PSN compensation

Users to get £5 off next purchase.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

On-demand video streaming service LOVEFiLM is offering PlayStation Network users £5 off their next purchase as a goodwill gesture following the system dowtime.

The offer is open to all account holders who watched a movie through LOVEFiLM on their PlayStation 3 in the month running up to the network outage, including those still on a free trial.

"No quibbles, no hassle; it's our goodwill gesture to LOVEFiLM members who watched a film on the PS3 in the month before the PSN went down," read the announcement, as spotted by Ctrl-F5.

"This will happen automatically on your next billing date. Don't worry if you're still enjoying your free trial, we'll knock it off your first payment."

As detailed earlier this week, Sony is offering PSN users two free games and a limited PlayStation Plus subscription in the wake of the 25 day-long outage.

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