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Looks like the rebooted GamesMaster is seeking contestants

According to an advert spotted online.

It looks like GamesMaster is actively seeking contestants for the show's reboot.

An advert published by Future on GameFAQs by the user Albert Bankolé (thanks, VGC) asks for contestants for a "landmark video gaming TV series". The post was quickly taken down by a moderator, but a cached version is still available.

While it doesn't specifically say which show the casting is for, we do know Future owns the rights to the GamesMaster trademark.

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VGC also reported the LinkedIn page for Bankolé stated he's working as the assistant producer on GamesMaster for Barcroft Studios, although those details have also since been removed.

We first learned that Channel 4 was rebooting GamesMaster back in February thanks to a sponsorship post by the channel. The post stated Channel 4 was seeking a brand partner for the job. "GamesMaster will be a social first show, followed by an E4 TX and All 4 box set," the pitch reveals.

The original GamesMaster show ran from 1992 to 1998 and was fronted, for the most part, by presenter Dominik Diamond. It revolved around members of the public competing in video games, with a tips section from Sir Patrick Moore, who played the Games Master.

Do you plan on taking part?